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Sam Bushell, Lionel Cawood, Mpho Ramathe, Mike Pierce and Richard Hobson - these were the people to form the bond that was to become Aimed at You. The band considered adding a second guitarist. After a few impromptu jam-sessions at the band’s rehearsal room, Aimed at You completed the sextet with guitarist Micah Myles. An eventful 2015 saw the band hitting the stage for the first time at venues such as Rumours and Iron Tusk. Unfortunately, with our last amazing gig held for the year at Wolmer bush Lounge, we were forced to say our farewells to Richard. Michael Hawtrey has enthusiastically stepped up to the role, giving us a solid foundation to build ourselves through 2016.

Although there are some core influences (including the likes of Tool, Pantera, Rage Against The Machine and Devin Townsend) running through the members of Aimed at You, the individuals still have strong personal influences ranging from light melodic rock, funk and blues to underground hip-hop, alternative, progressive and heavy metal. As a result of such diverse influences being incorporated and encouraged in the creative process, it is difficult to categorise their sound into a particular genre and is probably best described by the band themselves as “Soul Metal” or “Sock-vanquishing Rock”. Aimed at you is humbled to have a few gigs under our belt already, including a part played in the ever-growing Emalyth Arts Expo. The band is driven to make a name for itself in the South African music scene.

With their unique sound and blend of myriad vocal styles, this talented and motivated group of individuals are eager to bring 2016 to its knees! The self-belief, confidence and enjoyment in what Aimed at You are creating is inspiring the band to continue their quest to new horizons.

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"It's all about the moment, the minute and all that's in it....."

- FunkNutz

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